Welcome to Wholesome Start Home School. Experience a system that prioritize team work and collaboration through individual contribution.

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Wholesome Start Home School!

Established in 2012 as a family home school known as Beautiful Beginnings, Wholesome Start Home School has since grown into a leading educational institution in Lugbe, Abuja, Nigeria. Our school combines the principles of Islamic integration with the renowned Montessori educational system to provide a holistic learning experience for our students.

At Wholesome Start Home School, we are committed to nurturing the academic, character, and personal development of our students. Our dedicated team of educators fosters an environment where students can thrive and channel their energies into meaningful and well-executed actions.

We offer a wide range of academic programs, ensuring that our students receive a solid foundation in core subjects while also exploring their unique talents and interests. Our curriculum is designed to encourage independent thinking, self-directed learning, and the development of critical skills that will benefit our students throughout their lives.

In addition to our academic programs, we believe in the importance of a well-rounded education. Our students actively participate in extracurricular activities such as clubs, sports, board games, and other engaging pursuits. These activities promote teamwork, creativity, and the development of essential life skills.

To support our students' educational journey, we provide modern facilities and resources. Our school is equipped with a functional computer laboratory and a well-stocked library, allowing students to enhance their digital literacy and expand their knowledge beyond the classroom.

At Wholesome Start Home School, our mission is to empower our students with both academic and non-academic skills, preparing them for success in their chosen career paths. We are dedicated to ensuring that our students not only achieve academic excellence but also develop strong values, character, and a sense of purpose.

Join us at Wholesome Start Home School and embark on a transformative educational experience in Lugbe, Abuja. Contact us today to learn about our programs and how we can support your child's educational journey.


To operate a scientific education that would afford children the opportunity to teach themselves by their own effort.


To see children channel their energies into an orderly and well-executed action.


Knowledge and Action (ILM 'WA 'AMAL).