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Wholesome Start Career Fair

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    Wholesome Start Home School, Lugbe, FCT.

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    02 Dec, 2023

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About Event

Join us for an extraordinary afternoon of inspiration, knowledge, and career exploration at our much-anticipated event, "Embrace the Future: Unveiling Career Horizons." This transformative experience is set to take place on December 2nd, 2023, at Wholesome Start Home School, by 2:00 PM.

Meet Our Distinguished Speakers/Guests:

  • Dr. Abdulhaleem Amin - Legal Luminary and Principal at Abdulhaleem Amin & Co.: Unravel the complexities of the legal landscape as Dr. Amin shares insights gained from over a decade of expertise in litigation, corporate law, and legislative affairs.
  • Engr. Musa Salami - Electrical and Computer Engineer, IT Expert: Embark on a journey through the latest technological advancements and the exciting possibilities they hold with Engr. Musa Salami. As a seasoned engineer and IT expert, he will share insights into the intersection of engineering and information technology, offering a glimpse into the future.
  • Rahmat Ibraheem PT. - Physiotherapist and Clinical Cupping Therapist: Dive into the world of healthcare with Rahmat Ibraheem, a seasoned Physiotherapist and Clinical Cupping Therapist. Discover the rewarding experiences of helping others on their journey to wellness.
  • Yetunde Basirat Oyebanjo - Financial Strategist and Entrepreneur: Navigate the realms of finance and entrepreneurship with Yetunde Basirat Oyebanjo. Learn about financial strategies, business development, and the keys to entrepreneurial success.
  • Taofiqah Ibrahim-Badmus - Public Health Expert: Explore the vital field of public health with Taofiqah Ibrahim-Badmus. With specializations in health education & promotion, health service management, and research, she brings a wealth of knowledge on improving community health and well-being.

Event Highlights:
  • Interactive Sessions: Engage in discussions with our esteemed speakers, allowing you to ask questions and gain personalized insights.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow attendees, professionals, and potential mentors who share your interests and aspirations.
  • Career Expo: Explore exciting career opportunities in healthcare, law, engineering, IT, and finance.
  • Inspiring Stories: Hear personal stories of triumph, challenges, and success from our accomplished speakers, offering you a unique perspective on career journeys.
This event promises to be pivotal in shaping our children's future career path. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to gain valuable insights and embark on a journey of self-discovery. See you at 2:00 PM sharp!