2022-2023 First Term PTA Meeting Summary of Minutes

06 Sep, 2022

After the opening prayer, the meeting started with a 16mins video that was on parenting and several other aspects of life that influences the development of our children and their lifestyle.

The Director made a presentation, talking about areas that touch on how we can model our children to grow up to the right standard, and with the right frame of mind.

The PTA harmonized that both the school, teachers, and parents all have pivotal roles to play in the upbringing of a child. If this responsibility is left to one party to handle, the desired result will not be achieved. Considering we find ourselves in a time when everyone seems mostly busy with no time to spear, we must find a way to plan our homes together with our children.

The management pleaded with the parents and indulge them to become more active in the affairs of the school as the PTA is supposed to function as an association that also makes contributions toward the development of the school.

The PTA is required to become more active and start functioning independently of the school management. This will go as far as creating a strong bond amongst parents that may build positive relationships.

The management has asked parents to make commitments towards payment of fees and also asked parents who want to make installment payments to please reach out to the school latest by Friday to discuss available payment options. The management also pleaded with parents to please make all payments no later than the 8th week of the term.  

Parents also requested that the school give consideration to those having three or more kids in the school by giving some discount considering the economy. Though part of the consideration the management has offered is by allowing parents to discuss payment options to help spread the bill until the 8th week to help give time to complete payments. However, the parent's request is put into consideration.

Parents have been advised to please caution their wards to handle school properties with care as their parents will replace any damage incurred by the students (especially those in secondary). 

All the school policies will be made available to parents through the school website.

There were suggestions that the family picnic is brought back and included in the calendar of the term as this will create an avenue for parents to know each other more and also have a fun time together with the kids.

This term will run from 12th September to 16th December 2022. With the Mid-Term break coming on the 27th and 28th of October 2022.

The home partnership program will replace the conventional open day as parents can book appointments with the school at least once a month to catch up and follow up on what their kids will be learning in school.

The portal is going to be more interactive this term as it will be fully in use for kids in Grade 1 to Secondary. You can contact the admin to find out how you can make good use of the portal in monitory and make a contribution towards the academics of your child(ren).

Late drop-off and pick-up will not be tolerated this term. Parents should please draw out a personalized home schedule to help them make their kids punctual to school. All students are to be in school no later than 8:00 AM and should be picked up no later than 5:30 PM.

For more clarity on any of the above, you can call the PTA A.G.S. (the school Admin) for further information.

School resumes on Monday, 12th September 2022. 
Please, parents should ensure their kids observe the school dress code and be also reminded to bring toiletries (Tissues, soap, wipes) for the term.


Mr. Abbas
Vice Chairman, WSHS PTA

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